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Last year was a tough year for everyone. And in a time where people would rather shout than listen, we decided to ask the world a simple question. What are you hopeful for?

Over the course of six months and thousands of conversations with people from every corner of the world, we discovered that while we look at the New Year from different perspectives, we are all looking forward with hope. For love, health, peace, belonging. For our parents to be happy. For our sisters to be successful. 

And despite our differences, it's our hope for better that brings us together. 


This spot aired during the incredible 2018 Golden Globes, right after Oprah's rousing speech

We spotlighted real people from around the world and their hopes in a series of films, vignettes and portraits. 



We explored the nuances of some of the most common hopes. These vignettes tell the stories of: Nahum, a clown from Mexico; Brian, a tribe leader from New Orleans; Ishita, a self-defense teacher from India; and Sydney, a busker from Los Angeles.


Made with love by the Factory and many talented friends.


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