If I order fries, wanna split them?

I haven't been to the gym in ages. 

My last recorded presence was in middle school.

Since then, I moved to Richmond to attend the Brandcenter.

When I'm not in the basement, starved of Vitamin D and non-vended nutrients, I am doodling about it. 

I have 54 followers. 

19 more than when it was an Instagram for my fish

RIP Helen. 



VCU BRANDCENTER / Richmond, VA / May 2017
Master of Science in Business & Branding, Copywriting

ELON UNIVERSITY / Elon, NC / May 2015
B.A., Strategic Communications, Creative Writing


FACEBOOK / Menlo Park, CA / June 2017-Present

DAVID & GOLIATH / El Segundo, CA / Summer 2016
Copywriting Intern

MCKINNEY / Durham, NC / December 2014
Freelance Creative

MCKINNEY / Durham, NC / Fall 2014
Copywriting Intern