VitalCuffs | Student Work

Handcuffs have always been designed for officers, and not arrestees. However, the event of being arrested and handcuffed can cause extreme physical and physiological stress. In some cases, even leading to injury or death. 

We created a concept to combat this: a wearable piece of technology that merged two unlikely things, handcuffs and fitness trackers.

VitalCuffs are smart handcuffs that monitor heart rate + variability after an arrest. 


Full version can be viewed here.



VitalCuffs are designed with heart rate sensors that let police officers know that you're safe after you've been arrested. We made simple changes to alleviate several of the possible injuries that can occur during an arrest.



If the heart rate becomes irregular or drops to an unsafe level, the officers are notified through their computer and radio to check on and assist the subject.


All of these changes to a pair of overlooked handcuffs, can add up to something much bigger: a life. 

With Conor McFarland, Co-Copywriter; Jansen Yoder, Art Director; and Frank Garguilo, Art Director.


Short list: AKQA Future Lions