Kamaka Ukulele | Student Work

On his deathbed, Sam Kamaka Sr. warned his sons that if they were to take over the family Ukulele business, they better not ruin the family name. 

The world's finest Ukulele isn't made by machine. It's made by family, and perfected by family pressure.




Employee Handbook

When you buy a Kamaka Ukulele you become a part of the extended family. 


The Kamaka Employee Family Handbook features:

Family song: My Dog Has Fleas

How to deal with work/life drama: That's what Ukulele are for.

How to have "the talk" with your kids: First comes love. Then comes marriage. Then comes employees.

How to guarantee perfection: Our quality control has a quality control and it's your great uncle Fred. 

What's seven minutes of heaven?: Seven minutes of uninterrupted work time, now get back to work!

and more!


Where do Ukulele come from?

The Koa tree, son. And they take six weeks to build, so sit back and enjoy the magic of the Ukulele tracker.


The Kamaka Ukulele lasts for generations, and is often passed down through families.

The case will reflect that.


When visitors land in Honolulu they will be greeted by the Kamaka family.


Storefront signage

In 1992, Hawaii Governor, John Waihee awarded Sam Kamaka JR, "Hawaii's favorite son." His brother, Fred Kamaka got a certificate of commendation.


With Jansen Yoder, Art Director.